Mar 28, 2022 • 20M

Episode 9: The importance of a new approach to cannabis

We explore the importance of the upcoming Hodges Review of UK Public Policy & Regulatory Stewardship of the Legal Cannabis Industry

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Our themed month of written content is completed with a podcast where we hear from all our authors. A great way to dive into each individual article and gain a real understanding of the topic being discussed.
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Leila Simpson, Innovations Director at the Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI) discusses with ACI Strategic Counsel, Steve Moore and Research Executive, Tom Risby about the importance of the upcoming Hodges Review. They explore the need for new and improved public policy, with an industry wide review of regulation and policy relating to the UK’s legal cannabis industry. Prof Hodges, who is becoming an increasingly influential thinker inside Whitehall regarding new approaches to regulation, will publish his report in May. Upon its receipt Ministers like George Freeman will have the first detailed blueprint setting out how the UK can fast-track its way to become the global leader in cannabinoid innovation.