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If doctors are allowed to assess the risk of prescribing opioids, they should be allowed to do the same with cannabis medications. Although there were 2,263 drug poisoning deaths registered in 2020 involving opiates (such as heroin and morphine), there were no deaths registered involving cannabis. Anti-cannabis groups often cite mental health as a major concern with cannabis but they cannot support the claim of significant harm with any hospitalisation data. Anti-cannabis groups use data from rehab clinics, despite the fact that rehab clinics are unregulated and anyone can call themselves an 'addiction specialist'. Despite all the hand-wringing, medical cannabis has not turned out to be the horrible hairy monster everyone predicted. In the US, every state that allows medical cannabis use has seen a significant drop in opioid prescriptions (Medicare statistics). To date, no country that allows medical cannabis has experienced increases in crime, nor have their been increases in cannabis addiction or mental heath admissions.

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