9. Germany | Europe’s Cannabis Frontier

Is Germany fast becoming Europe’s cannabis frontier? Alfredo Pascual, an Investment Analyst with Seed Innovations explores exactly this in our ninth paper from the Decalogue abstracts.

Germany | Europe’s Cannabis Frontier | Abstract

Although several European countries have legalised medical cannabis and implemented medical cannabis programs or pilot programs in recent years, Germany has drawn most attention as its market has grown so rapidly. 

The November 2018 medical cannabis reform in the UK could be loosely compared to the reform from early 2017 in Germany. But these two markets evolved quite differently during their first years after the new regulations were adopted.

In Germany, seriously ill medical cannabis patients can have access to public health insurance coverage for their prescriptions, which can be written by general practitioners. However in the NHS this is limited to licenced medicines.

Moreover, a relatively small but highly educated in cannabinoid science group of German doctors have been able to prescribe medical cannabis since before the early 2017 reform, with dronabinol being available already since 1998. The 2017 change of rules expanded the toolbox of these physicians.  In this article these factors will be explored and how we can learn from them to the benefit of the UK.